Update on Apex Alarm sales

posted Jun 24, 2008, 7:22 AM by Joe Abele

Dear neighbor,

There have been a few different emails circulating concerning potential sales scams in our neighborhoods over the past week.  We have some new information about one such situation (concerning Apex Alarm) from the New Castle County Police department.  I’ve attached an email below from the police dept sent to Councilman Robert S Weiner this morning.

This is not to say that all sales people that say they represent Apex Alarm (or any other business) are legitimate, but you should always ask to see identification, and their soliciting credentials (which they are required by law to have). 

If you have any questions, please contact the NCC Police department – Community Services Unit at (302) 395-8059.

Please share this information with your neighbors so that we can help protect our community.


Joe Abele
Vice President – Darley Civic Association
107 Farm Ave.

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Below is a portion of an email from an officer working the Brandywine Hundred district:
“On 062308 at 1700 hours I located two members of Apex Alarm soliciting in Northminster. I was able to determine that the company is valid and both subjects were in possession of picture identification issued by the Delaware State Police. The identification showed that these two men are employees of the aforementioned company, but I did explain that this did not entitle them to solicit in our neighborhoods. I directed them to 87 Reads Way to obtain proper soliciting credentials before returning. There are approximately 40 such solicitors from this company working in the North Wilmington area and these two gentleman advised they would all discontinue their practices until the proper credentials are secured.   “
 I will continue to monitor the situation as necessary. Please keep me apprised of any new information on your end.
Corporal Amy M. Kevis
New Castle County Police
Community Services Unit