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Help control invasive ivy species

posted Mar 5, 2012, 7:21 AM by Joe Abele   [ updated Mar 5, 2012, 7:31 AM ]
Hello Neighbors,

The Naamans Creek Water Shed Association has arranged for Americorps to work in the Naamans Creek Watershed the last three weeks in March to remove as many invasive plant species as possible. The focus will be on English Ivy, which has gotten out of control in many areas. 

The Americorp group, 10 young people, will be working at certain areas during the three week period, including, tentatively, along both immediate sides of the Naamans creek from the CSX tracks to the Hanby Trust, on Saturdays March 24th and 31st. Nate Cloud has spoken to several neighbors who live on the HW/IF side of the creek, and they have no objections, but if any other residents who live along the creek object please let Nate Cloud (cloudnct@dca.net) or Joe Abele (joeabele@gmail.com) know.

In fact, we would appreciate it if residents would even join in to pull Ivy from the ground, and cut the ivy at the bottom of trees leaving the ivy to die on the trees, vs. letting it kill the trees, requiring expensive removal. Nate recently paid $2,800 to remove a large diseased oak. 

A general pledge to become more familiar with invasives, and to help eradicate Ivy from natural areas, is attached below. We urge residents to read, "sign", and return this to Nate Cloud as a reminder and to raise awareness.


Joe Abele

President, Darley Civic Association

The following is a note sent out to the Ardens, it contains some information you may find helpful in controlling the ivy.


Please help to save the trees on and bordering your leasehold.  ANY TIME, even one hour,  you spend cutting off the ivy (or hiring someone to do it) can count!  Please note that ivy climbing up trees can not only kill them when the ivy covers the trees (and prevents leaves from coming out), but ivy roots open up the bark and provide easy entry to many diseases that can harm the trees.   We have had so much damage from storms this year, Ardentown has spent far more than was budgeted for trees.  We have no additional money to pay anyone to remove ivy from street trees. So, if you can, please help us out and save the trees in our community!  Also, if you can't remove all the ivy from your leasehold, at least try to prevent its spread into natural areas...or if it has already spread out there, try to pull back the spread from the good areas.  Any work you hire someone to do can also count, as well as can time spent removing other invasive plants.  

To remove ivy from a tree, cut or saw it off at the bottom from ALL the vines.  The more you can pull away from the tree, the longer it will take to regrow (or pull it all out if you can!)  You do NOT need to pull off cut vines from the tree; if they are cut, they should wither and eventually fall off.  For more details, check out our webpage at http://www.theardens.com/weedNWalk.htm.  

Please contact us if YOU would like to help restore areas of our beautiful woods, or if you would like help identifying other invasive plants on your leasehold.

Thank you for your support in caring for our trees and woods,

Carol Larson, Arden

Joe Abele,
Mar 5, 2012, 7:21 AM