Welcome to the Darley Civic Association
The Darley Civic Association is responsible for managing snow plowing contracts and placing sand barrels around the streets in the winter.  We organize volunteer groups to clean Chestnut Rd. and Naaman's Creek.  We greet new neighbors that move into our wonderful area with a small welcome gift.  We present opportunities to talk with our state representatives at our annual meetings, and we attempt to keep our residents updated with important news about our community and it's surroundings.
All of these efforts are performed by volunteers (your neighbors), and some things cost money.  While our annual dues are voluntary, we strongly encourage you to pay this small contribution each year so that we may continue to provide the services we need in our neighborhoods. 

We encourage our neighbors to share their opinions, problems and ideas. Whether you are living on Darley Road, in Highland Woods or in Indian Field, you have, hopefully, experienced the “good neighbor” philosophy that runs through these neighborhoods and through the Darley Civic Association.
Just as most residents do strive to help our neighbors, we hope you will find this site helpful as well. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and to seeing you at the next Civic Association meeting which will be posted on this web site.
Thank you for visiting.
Private Neighborhood Network
We have setup a Nextdoor.com website as a private social network for the Indian Field and Highland Woods neighborhoods.  This site will allow us to easily share information with our neighbors like community events, recommendations, items for sale/free, crime/safety concerns, ideas about how to make our neighborhood better, and more.  Only people in our neighborhoods will have access.  It's free, so please join today by clicking this link: https://nextdoor.com/

Annual Dues
Dues for each calendar year are due on July 1st and are voluntary.
You may submit a check for $30 made payable to "Darley Civic Association" to our Treasurer :
Mark LaVere
101 Farm Ave., 
Wilmington, DE 19810. 

(* Online dues payment option is no longer available)

Monthly Chestnut Road Cleanups
On the first Saturday of each month at 8:00am, a few helpful neighbors meet at the corner of Ravine and Chestnut (the triangle) and walk along Chestnut Rd to pick up assorted litter. Please join us sometime and help keep our community clean. Contact Joe Abele if you'd like to be added to our monthly email reminder list.